1. Pre-Cruise Event

    Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 9:53 AM 31 Comments

    The 2016 NKOTB Cruise is now on-sale! If you have any trouble purchasing please tweet us at @NKOTB and @rosetours. That will provide you with the quickest response.

    We are currently planning a pre-cruise gathering in New Orleans the night before the cruise, Wednesday, October 19thWe are still in the planning stages of this event current start time is estimated to be early evening.

    We wanted to give you a chance to plan your travel accordingly and will roll out details in the coming days. We are currently securing a location that allows for all cruise attendees to be able to attend. There will be a small fee for this event.

  2. A Note to All Blockheads

    Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 12:00 PM 20 Comments

    Hey Blockheads,
    Hope you all had a restful holiday and a great start to the beginning of 2016. We wanted to let you know about some very limited yet very special events that we have coming up in 2016.

    We started out our year watching the most recent edits of Rock This Boat and can't wait for everyone to see this exclusive behind the scenes look at the cruise- stay tuned for an announcement on Season Two’s arrival on Pop TV.

    Watching Rock This Boat makes us even more excited to be with you again to re-live those amazing experiences.

    Because summer is never long enough, we are going to keep the sunshine going this coming Fall on the 2016 NKOTB Cruise!  We’re always looking to make the cruise a can’t miss experience for first time and returning Blockheads so we are switching things up and departing this year from an all new city- New Orleans, Louisiana!  Not only will you have the chance to get busy in The Big Easy, we’ll also be cruising to an entirely new destination of Cozumel, Mexico. Nothing better than cerveza on the beach, and margaritas with all of you.

    This is just the first special announcement of the year. 2016 will bring more special live events that are guaranteed to be unique, full of surprises, and surely be a great time for us all. Be on the lookout for much more... coming soon!!

    We’re grateful for each and every one of you. Hope to see you in person this year.

    To a happy, healthy and adventurous 2016,



  3. Danny Wood's 'Look At Me' Out Now

    Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 10:54 AM 6 Comments

    The wait is finally over - Solo Wood has arrived. 

  4. When he’s not on the road with New Kids On The Block, Danny Wood’s central passion is songwriting and recording his own music. What began as a solitary song (“Shine”) inspired by his late mother’s memory, soon blossomed into a very personal 17-track album with lyrics that pour out like the pages of a diary. The new album, entitled “Look At Me,” reveals the inner Danny Wood with his trials, tribulations and ultimately hope, laid bare. The album is a poignant rock song cycle that is far removed from the music of NKOTB that he is best known for – rather, the entire album paints a picture of a solo artist whose time may well be here. Danny’s music is much like the man behind it, a passionate and heartfelt affair from start to finish.

    Pre-Order on iTunes here:
    Pre-Order on Amazon here:
    Pre-Order limited edition signed CD here:

    Catch Danny in a limited number of cities! Dates and ticket info here

Tour Dates

Date Location Tickets
Oct 20, 2016 New Orleans, LA
Oct 21, 2016 New Orleans, LA
Oct 22, 2016 New Orleans, LA
Oct 23, 2016 New Orleans, LA
Oct 24, 2016 New Orleans, LA

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